Wagg Twitch Rabbit

Stock Code: 07WTR3X4 RRP: £6.49 Pack Size: 3 Weight: 4kg In Stock
Wagg Twitch Rabbit is made with a variety of high quality ingredients to promote a healthy and balanced diet. This feed contains 19% fibre and yeast extracts to keep your rabbit’s digestive system healthy.
Designed to be fed alongside a diet that is up to 85% hay or fresh grass.
Protein 13%, Fat Content 4.2%, Crude Fibre 19%, Crude Ash 7.2%, Calcium 0.8%, Phosphorus 0.5%
Oat Fibre, Wheat Fibre, Sunflower Meal, Lucerne Meal, Grass Meal, Peas (2%), Carob Bean Meal, Apple Pomace (2%), Linseed (1%), Vegetable Oil, Minerals, MOS (0.05%).

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