Supreme Russel Rabbit Original

Stock Code: 07RR12.5 RRP: £22.99 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 12.5kg
Stock Code: 07RR2.5 RRP: £5.99 Pack Size: 4 Weight: 2.5kg
Stock Code: 07RR850 RRP: £2.49 Pack Size: 6 Weight: 850g
Stock Code: 07RR5 RRP: £10.89 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 5kg
Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix provides optimum nutrition for wellbeing and vitality and are suitable for adult rabbits of all shapes and sizes.

Delicious ingredients such as lucerne and linseed, as well as all the vitamins and minerals your rabbits need, provide a tasty everyday diet that promotes healthy skin and coat.

No added sugar and natural prebiotics promote digestive health and added antioxidants support your tiny friends immune system to help keep them healthy for a long and happy life.
Crude Protein 14%, Crude Oils/Fats 2.5%, Crude Fibre 14%, Crude Ash 5%
Wheat, flaked peas, flaked maize, timothy hay, alfalfa meal, whole oats, soya bean hulls, flaked wheat, soya oil, wheat feed, extruded locust beans, calcium carbonate.

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