Burgess Excel Guinea Pig with Blackcurrant & Oregano

Stock Code: 07BEGBO2 RRP: £7.69 Pack Size: 4 Weight: 2kg
Stock Code: 07BEGPBO10 RRP: £36.29 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 10kg
Burgess Excel Guinea Pig with Blackcurrant & Oregano is a delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs with added blackcurrant & oregano for extra taste and additional health benefits.

High in fibre, Vitamin C and rich in nutrients to keep them healthy and happy.
Fibre 15%, Protein 17%, Oils 4%, Ash 6.5%, Calcium 0.8%, Phosphorous 0.5%
Grass Meal, Wheat, Lucerne, Maize, Soya Bean Hulls*, Oat Feed, Hi Pro Soya*, Peas, Wheatfeed, Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp, Yeast, SoyaOil*, Limestone, MonoCalciumPhosphate, DicalciumPhosphate, Salt, ShortChainFructo-oligosaccharides(0.25%), Blackcurrant (0.1%), Oregano (0.06%).
*May Contain GM Materials.

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