Littlemax Fine Shavings *Delivery Restriction*

Stock Code: 10LITM RRP: £12.59 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 20kg / Bale
LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings is a bedding option specially made for owners who want to give their horses all the essential benefits of a dust free, natural, healthy bed - but who prefer finer, lighter shavings.

LITTLEMAX shavings allows you to prepare a bed that is significantly finer, lighter and softer in its look and feel, but which has all the fundamental qualities that have made BEDMAX the leading brand of shavings in the UK over the past decade.

LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings offer you all the benefits of a bedding designed specifically to provide the healthiest possible environment in the stable for your horse:

LITTLEMAX is DUST FREE Dust is the biggest cause of respiratory problems in stabled horses, and the single biggest source of dust in most stables is bedding. A huge majority of the thousands of horse owners we have surveyed over the past 10 years have told us that their top priority in choosing bedding is to eliminate dust in the stable. So this is also our top priority in making LITTLEMAX. We believe that our shavings have one of the lowest dust levels on the bedding market.

LITTLEMAX is naturally healthy We make LITTLEMAX to measure from renewable softwood timber. It is a completely natural bedding containing no additives or contaminants whatsoever. During the production process the shavings are dried at sterilising temperatures to ensure the highest levels of hygiene.

LITTLEMAX offers superb comfort and support Although LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings are cut finer and lighter than BEDMAX, they still create a resilient and comfortable bed that provides protective cushioning for joints and level support for hooves and feet.

LITTLEMAX offers both drainage and absorbency Moisture in the surface layer of the bed can damage hooves, and urine can cause burns to the legs or to the body of a horse lying down in the stable. LITTLEMAX creates a bed that drains moisture from the surface and captures it at a lower level, leaving the surface layer dry with minimal maintenance.

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