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BEDMAX shavings are purpose made to provide a bedding that meets all the essential requirements for your horse's health and well-being in the stable. That's why BEDMAX is first choice for so many equine professionals, vets, farriers, racing trainers, studs, major events organisers, racecourses and owners who simply want the best for their horses. 1. Dust Free for easy breathingDust in bedding is the main cause of respiratory (breathing) problems among stabled horses, and most owners now understand that a dust-free bed is a top priority for their horse's health and welfare. We screen out dust and small particles so rigorously from BEDMAX that our shavings have one of the lowest levels of dust on the market.

2. Protection for joints Our large, springy pine shavings create a deep, resilient bed that protects your horse's joints (especially hocks) when lying down or rolling. That means fewer missed days with a knocked joint, and fewer visits from the vet.

3. Support for Hooves A good bedding provides essential support under and around your horse's hooves. Our shavings are judged by leading farriers to offer ideal support for hooves, and especially for horses with foot problems. 'No hoof, no horse' is a very old saying, but it's still as true today as it ever was.

4. Natural hygiene BEDMAX shavings are dried at a sterilising temperature to make them as hygienic as possible. We also make our shavings predominantly from pine – partly because pine fibres are springier and more resilient, and partly because pine has been scientifically proved to contain natural oleoresins that kill harmful bacteria and fungi. Our shavings are made from 100% natural softwood, with no additives or contaminants.

5. Drainage and drynessThe key to a long-lasting, resilient, supportive bed is moisture management. BEDMAX provides a mixture of larger and smaller flakes that naturaly create layers as you shake up the bed. The larger flakes form the surface layer, allowing moisture to drain downwards and spread out into the lower layers of smaller, more absorbent flakes. That means a drier surface, and no concentrated, congealed wet patches underneath it.

6. Comfort and well-being You get a better night's rest when your bed is warm, comfortable, dry and supportive. So does your horse. Approximately 15% of all stabled horses develop stress-related behaviours. A good, deep, comfortable bed of BEDMAX shavings helps create an environment more likely to induce relaxation.

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