Racan Home Friendly Rat & Mouse Killer Block Bait

Stock Code: 10R8911 RRP: £11.59 Pack Size: 10 Weight: 30g In Stock
his home friendly rodenticide has been carefully selected to give parents, young families and pet owners peace of mind from a low toxicity formulation that is still strong enough to administer a lethal dose to rats and mice. Due to the multi feed nature of the product, being consumed over a number of days stops the rat or mouse from associating the feeling of being unwell with the bait. Once the lethal dose is reached after several days, rats and mice will die. 10 x 30g blocks that deliver a lethal dose in just a few feeds. The blocks are formulated and produced with over 15 different cereals and sugars making them irresistaible to rodents! Each block has a hole running through the middle so that they can be safely secured. When safely secured in a bait station, ideal for use in areas where children and pets may occasionally be present under supervision of an adult.

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