Pettex General Wheatgerm Pellets 4mm

Stock Code: 10PGWP10 RRP: £50.49 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 10kg In Stock
Pettex Wheatgerm Pellets are an ideal feed for Koi and all pond fish at times when water temperatures are low as spring and autumn or when fish are recuperating, this is due to the high wheatgerm content making for a highly nutritious and easily assimilated food.

Pettex Wheatgerm Pellets have added natural immune systems stimulants to aid the release of Beta Glucans within the fish, this will speed up the response and activation of the Koi’s natural defence enzymes. This natural method of control reduces the risk of infections and illness within your fish.

Pettex Wheatgerm Pellets have a high Wheatgerm content and a carefully selected protein level to minimise waste and ammonia levels at dormant times in the pond for a reduced health risk to your fish and easier maintenance for you. Pettex Wheatgerm Pellets can be used as an all year round staple feed on its own or it can also be mixed with Pettex high protein growth and colour enhancement foods when higher temperatures allow.

Crude Protein 27% Crude Oils & Fats 5% Crude Fibres 3% Crude Ash 9%

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