Lickimat Soother Tuff

Stock Code: 10LIC016 RRP: £11.95 Pack Size: 1 Colour: Green Weight: 20cm 5 In Stock
A fun, fresh, innovative approach to keeping your pet amused and entertained, the LickiMat Soother TUFF Treat Mat provides a whole host of benefits to your animal’s emotional, physical and mental health, suitable for both dogs and cats.

A new ” TUFF” design that is virtually indestructible, the LickiMat Soother TUFF Treat Mat is designed for teething puppies and naughty dogs that would chew anything. A dishwasher safe design perfect for serving food or healthy treats, it allows you to feed a wide variety of tasty snacks including yoghurt, peanut butter, purees, spreads and all manner of organic and healthy pet-approved treats. The magic of LickiMat is that it challebnges your pet to lick the treat out of the patterned surface, rewarding them for their play activity. It also slows the process dramatically due to it’s unique and innovative design, prolonging the enjoyment!
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