Earth Rated Natural Rubber Flyer Toy

Stock Code: 10EARTH40 RRP: £10.99 Pack Size: 1 x 4 Colour: Yellow Weight: Small In Stock
Stock Code: 10EARTH41 RRP: £15.99 Pack Size: 1 x 4 Colour: Yellow Weight: Large In Stock
The Earth Rated Fly Toy is a uniquely designed plaything that brings joy to both dogs and their owners. Its innovative rolled edge design makes it easy for anyone, canine or human, to pick up and engage in a fun play session. Crafted from soft material, it ensures a gentle interaction with your dog’s mouth and your hands. The toy’s buoyant nature allows it to float in water, making it perfect for pool or beach play. Its vibrant yellow colour, easily spotted by dogs, ensures it stands out in the grass for effortless retrieval. Plus, it’s top-rack dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. This toy combines fun, functionality, and convenience in one package. Enjoy endless hours of play with the Earth Rated Fly Toy!

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