Nanny Pats Pet Wellbeing Pooch Mobility Pack Sachets

Stock Code: 14NAN001 RRP: £38 Pack Size: 30 In Stock
The all-natural protein, neutral tasting and non-allergenic powder sticks that improve dog mobility when simply sprinkled into its existing wet/dry diet or drinking water.

It’s a NEW, more effective way of treating dog mobility, that tackles the root cause via a simple, non-intrusive solution. Helping pet owners avoid the stress and relationship breakdown of forcing tablets into their dogs or hiding tables in treats or food etc…

Simply sprinkle the require amount each day into your dogs eating or drinking bowl and stir.
My Pooch Mobility Packs contain a unique blend of ingredients, including bioactive collagen peptides to help stimulate cartilage repair, strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments.

– Bioactive collagen peptides - to stimulate cartilage growth and repair
– Glucosamine - supports joint structure
– Vitamin C - supports normal collagen formation in the joint & boosts pet immunity
– Hyaluronic acid - supports joint structure
– Vitamin E - antioxidant

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