Petlife Otodex 7 Day Fresh Spray

Stock Code: 14PO7DF250 RRP: £10.39 Pack Size: 6 Colour: Fresh Weight: 250ml 6 In Stock
Otodex® 7 DAY FRESH is a microcapsule technology 7 day fragrance odour barrier. It works 24/7 to neutralise bad odours and replace them with a long lasting fragrance.

How does microcapsule technology work?

Invisible to the human eye, microcapsules deliver long lasting fragrance when people or pets are present. The biodegradable shell, a fraction of the size of a human hair, gently emanates a subtle fragrance. As soon as the shell is broken, it ruptures and gives a burst of long lasting scent.

Otodex® 7 DAY FRESH is effective against:

Pet urine & faeces
Food aromas
General pet odours
Stale smoke
Chemical odours
Body odour
And much more!

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