Dogslife Bamboo Dog Brush

Stock Code: 10DG18 RRP: £12.99 Pack Size: 1 In Stock
Our Bamboo Soft Dog Brush Has Been Designed & Proven To Maintain A Healthy Coat For Your Dog. By Removing Dead Hair, Encouraging Blood Flow, Untangling Hair, The Silicone Massager & Natural Bristle Brush will Relax Both You and Your dog!

ECO FRIENDLY DOG BRUSH Our Double Sided Pet Brush Is Both Sustainable + Re-useable Making it the Perfect Dog Grooming Brush for You.
BRUSH FOR MASSAGING & BATHING The Silicone Dog Brush & Natural Bristle is The Perfect Combination When Bathing & Massaging, keeping your Pet Clean & Relaxed.
DOG GROOMING This Massaging Dog Brush is designed for Long, Medium & Short Haired Dogs.
2 IN 1 DUAL PET BRUSH + SUSTAINABLE STORAGE BAG Silicone Massager + Soft Bamboo Brush + Storage Bag Will Keep Your Dogs Coat Healthy & Happy! Storage bag included.
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