Animology Prebiotic Multivit+ Supplements

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The Animology Prebiotic Multi-Vit+ supplement is a comprehensive supplement designed specifically for dogs, that contains an essential balance of ingredients that are ideal for good canine health. Each Animology Prebiotic Multi-Vit+ capsule contains: 18 vitamins and minerals - To provide optimum nutritional support for dog health and vitality. MSM - To provide nutritional assistance for joints and connective tissue. Inulin - A prebiotic that feeds and stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria in the dog's large intestine to help prevent flatulence, loose stools and improve general digestive health. Biotin - To add shine and condition to the dog's coat.

Animology vitamins and supplements are the epitome of our commitment to pet care excellence. Our health supplements have been developed to offer industry leading, quality formulations that are completely natural and do not contain any artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners. They are easy to use as they are delivered in a capsule that contains a measured dose. Each capsule can be given to a dog whole, or it can be easily pulled apart and the powder contents mixed within food or water.

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