Company Of Animals Clix Training Dummy

Stock Code: 10CY01 RRP: £8.49 Pack Size: 1 Colour: Red Weight: S
Stock Code: 10CY02 RRP: £10.29 Pack Size: 1 Colour: Red Weight: M
Stock Code: 10CY03 RRP: £11.99 Pack Size: 1 Colour: Red Weight: L
· Great for retrieval training
· Floats in water
· Highly visible
· Great for everyday play
· Throw rope, enables extra long distance throws.

The CLIX Training Dummy is the classic product for retrieval training. It is brightly coloured, making it highly visible and easy for dogs to find and comes with a small rope attached so you can throw long distances with ease. Made from 100% canvas outer with a dense cork filling, so that it floats perfect for games of fetch in water and on dry land.

· Rope for easy throwing (and so you don't have to pick up the slobbery end!)
· Brightly coloured for good visibility
· Floats perfect for/training in the water
· Used by professional gundog trainers but also suitable for general play when on daily dog walks

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