Yowup! Dog Articular Yogurt Pouch

Stock Code: 11YOW005 RRP: £2.69 Pack Size: 10 Weight: 115g In Stock
Yogurt with chondroprotectors, dietary supplements that promote hydration and nutrition of articular cartilage. In addition, they have positive effects on cartilage and the synovial membrane, which is why they are useful for reducing joint problems.
Crude protein: 4,0%, Fat content: 0,3%, Crude fibre: 0,8%, Ashes: 0,7%, Humidity: 85,1%.
Fermented dairy products (lactose-free yogurt) 90,2%, cereals 4,5%, boneless chicken 3%, pectin 1%, collagen 0,5%, dry oligofructose 0,5%, flavourings, glucosamine HCl 0,1%, chondroitin sulfate 0,05%.

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