Farm Food Fresh Menu Tripe & Heart Pouch

Stock Code: 04FF01 RRP: £1.79 Pack Size: 16 Flavour: Tripe Weight: 125g In Stock
Stock Code: 04FF02 RRP: £2.99 Pack Size: 6 Flavour: Tripe Weight: 300g In Stock
A complete and gently steamed fresh meat menu for all dogs from pup to senior. The animal ingredients in Farm Food Fresh Menu come from E.U. animals approved for human consumption. Farm Food Fresh Menu is beef and contains no chicken or other poultry. Farm Food Fresh Menu is on the basis of pure beef, beef tripe and beef heart and supplemented with Scottish Salmon oil, minerals, organic vitamins and trace elements. Farm Food Fresh Menu contains no bone and therefore guarantees a controlled calcium/phosphorus proportion.
moisture 74%, protein 9.7%, fat 11.8%, ash 2.5%, crude fibre 0.8%
Beef tripe (44%), Beef stock, Beef heart (19%), Beef liver , Rice, Scottish Salmon oil (0.3%), Sunflower oil (cold pressed), Minerals, Vitamins, Trace elements.

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