Soopa Banana & Peanut Butter Jumbo Sticks

Stock Code: 11SOJS03 RRP: £4.99 Pack Size: 10 Flavour: Banana Weight: 170g 8 In Stock
Big Chews, Big Smiles: Unleash the Fun with Soopa Jumbo Sticks! Does your big dog crave a chew that satisfies their mighty chompers and adventurous taste buds? Look no further than Soopa Jumbo Sticks! These colossal chews are the paw-fect way to keep tails wagging and your furry friend happy and healthy. Soopa Jumbo Sticks: Big on Benefits Flavor Frenzy: Packed with BIG flavor, these long-lasting chews keep your dog entertained and their taste buds tingling with every satisfying bite. Made for Mighty Chewers: Specially formulated for larger breeds, Soopa Jumbo Sticks provide a long-lasting chewing experience that keeps boredom at bay. Hypoallergenic & Grain-Free: Worried about allergies? Soopa Jumbo Sticks are hypoallergenic and grain-free, making them a safe and delicious choice for sensitive pups. Natural Dental Defense: Made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, these chews help clean teeth and freshen breath naturally with every chomp. Packed with Power: More than just a tasty treat, Soopa Jumbo Sticks are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and other health benefits to support your dog's overall well-being. Simple & Irresistible: Free from artificial flavors and preservatives, Soopa Jumbo Sticks offer a simple yet irresistible taste that keeps dogs begging for more! Give your dog the ultimate chewing satisfaction and natural goodness they deserve with Soopa Jumbo Sticks!
Crude Protein 6.05%, Crude Fibre 2.10%, Oil / Fat 5.27%, Ash 1.97%, Moisture 11.6%.
Whole potato flour, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerine, cellulose fibre, banana powder 4%, yeast products, organic coconut oil, water, peanut butter 2% (palm oil and xylitol free), apple molasses

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