Farm Food Trainer Beef Heart Dog Treats

Stock Code: 11FF33 RRP: £6.29 Pack Size: 1 Flavour: Beef Weight: 90g In Stock
Stock Code: 11FF34 RRP: £20.09 Pack Size: 1 Flavour: Beef Weight: 333g In Stock
Farm Food Trainers are small, hard, very tasteful pieces of dried beef heart . You can easily store several pieces in a bag inside your jacket or pants pocket without crumbling or become sticky. 100% pure beef heart and air dried, that will keep the natural scent and flavor of the meat optimally preserved and are gluten-free, easily digested and fit well as a tasty and healthy treat into each feeding schedule.
Moisture 7%, Protein 76%, Fat 11%, Ash 6%
100% Pure bovine heart, without any additives.

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