Farm Food Easy Chew Half Deer Antler

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The natural ‘toothbrush’ for dogs. Dog chews made of deer antler. 100% pure, sustainable and a true product of nature. No additives, irresistible, healthy and rich in minerals, to keep your dogs teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Farm Food “Easy” Antlers have been sawn lengthwise, making the marrow immediately available. This makes it easy for your dog to start on the marrow and allows it to get used to the taste and principle of deer antlers.
Ideal for puppies, seniors and smaller or picky dogs that aren’t used to gnawing on deer antlers.
moisture 9%, protein 37%, fat 0.1%, ash 55%, crude fibre 2%
100% Deer antler. Free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives

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