PetDreamHouse SPIN Accessories - Blossom Snuffle Mat Duo Pack

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Stock Code: 10PDH026 RRP: £19.99 Pack Size: 2 Colour: Baby Blue Out Of Stock
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Immerse your canine companion in the SPIN Accessory Blossom Snuffle Mat – a perfect blend of fun and functionality. Designed to stimulate your dog's natural foraging instincts, this snuffle mat not only serves as an entertaining hide-and-seek treat game but also doubles as a slow feeder to promote healthy eating habits Natural Foraging Fun: Designed to tap into your dog's innate hunting and foraging instincts, offering both entertainment and mental stimulation. Dual-Utility Design: Easily transitions from a playful snuffle mat to a slow feeder bowl, ensuring your dog enjoys every mealtime. Durable & Hassle-Free Cleaning: Made from dirt-resistant felt that withstands enthusiastic use and is machine-washable (gentle setting) for effortless maintenance. Safety & Portability: Non-slip base as well as compatiable with SPIN base bowl ensure stability and mess-free during play.

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