Extra Select Premium Cat Litter

Stock Code: 09ESP15 RRP: £8 Weight: 15ltr Pack Size: 1
Stock Code: 09ESP30 RRP: £12.8 Weight: 30ltr Pack Size: 1
Extra Select Premium Cat Litter pine fresh wood pellets.

Extra Select Premium Cat LItter is produced from reclaimed timber, no new trees or deforestation were involved in the production of this product so is environmentally friendly.

Extra Select Premium Cat Litter is produced from fine ground wood which makes it even more absorbent than most wood-based cat litters.

It minimises bacteria and makes the disposal of soiled litter clean and easy so it is hygienic.

The fresh smell of natural pine and quick absorption helps to control odour.

Superior absorbency means Extra Select Premium Cat Litter lasts longer, reducing tray cleaning, making it cost effective.

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