Animonda Carny Kitten Veal Chicken & Turkey

Stock Code: 04CARNY004 RRP: £1.79 Pack Size: 12 Flavour: Veal/Chicken/Turkey Weight: 200g In Stock
Stock Code: 04CARNY007 RRP: £2.89 Pack Size: 12 Flavour: Veal/Chicken/Turkey Weight: 400g In Stock
Tender veal, wholesome chicken and delicious turkey – Carny Kitten Veal, Chicken & Turkey combines all these meaty ingredients to create a great-tasting delicacy for kittens! The 100% fresh, meaty ingredients are chopped into small, bite-sized chunks that are easy for kittens to eat.Carny Kitten Veal, Chicken & Turkey has been specially developed for kittens in the first year of their lives. This kitten food is tailored to the nutritional requirements of growing cats and contains no grains, sugar or soya. A culinary delight for curious kittens!
Protein: 10.5%, Fat Content: 6.3%, Crude Fibre: 0.3% Crude Ash: 1.8%, Moisture: 80%, Taurine: 0.6 g/kg.
25 % veal (lung, heart), 20 % chicken (liver, heart), 18 % turkey meat, minerals, canola oil, fish oil, safflower oil.

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