Animonda Cat Foil Integra Protect Urinary Struvite Veal

Stock Code: 04ANI059 RRP: £1.49 Pack Size: 16 Flavour: Veal Weight: 100g In Stock
INTEGRA PROTECT Urinary struvite stone cat food has been specially developed for cats to prevent the recurrence of struvite stones. The well-balanced mineral contents as well as the needs-based supply of magnesium and phosphorus ensure that the cat’s urine has a pH value of less than 6.5. At this pH value, struvite stones no longer form.

This dietary food is made without any grains and is therefore suitable for cats with a grain allergy.
Protein 9.5%, fat content 6.5%, crude fiber 0.6%, crude ash 1.4%, moisture 80%, calcium 0.19%, phosporous 0.18%, sodium 0.17%, magnesium 0.013%, potassium 0.25%, chloride 0.18%, sulfur 0.19%, taurine 0.75 g/kg.
Meat and animal derivatives (24 % veal, chicken, pork, beef), vegetables (potatoes), oils and fats (canola oil), minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin, dl-methionine, calcium sulfate.

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