Extra Select Chicken D’Light Poultry Blend In Bucket

Stock Code: 07CDLB5 RRP: £5.69 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 5ltr In Stock
A complete mix of Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Layers Pellets, Kibbled Peas, Poultry Oyster Shell and Vegetable Oil.

Poultry are loving this new way of receiving everything they need in one go. So many benefits, and you will notice a bit more in your pocket too!

Whole Wheat for energy and protein, cut maize for energy and a natural yolk colour.

Kibbled Peas provide natural protein, and the Oyster Shell is there to provide the necessary calcium for egg shell quality. Vegetable Oil, to add those extra minerals necessary to keep wellbeing.

Oh and the Boss advises not to put this food in a plastic bowl, or you will find it is so popular - the bowl will have vanished by morning! - well worth trying this food!

Comes in 5Ltr Bucket.

“Great for impulse pickup”
5ltr Bucket Pallet Qty - 192
Crude Protein 10.59% Crude Fibres 2.35% Crude Fats & Oils 2.50% Crude Ash 3.63%
Wheat, cut maize, layer pellets (Wheat, Dehulled soya (bean) meal feed (GM*2), Wheatfeed, Calcium carbonate, Sunflower seed meal feed, Cane molasses, Toasted soya (beans) (GM*2), Vegetable oils and fats, Vitamins & trace elements, Sodium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate. (GM*2) Produced from genetically modified soya), oyster shell grit, kibbled peas.

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