Allen & Page Layers Crumble

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Natural Free Range Layers Crumble

Made as a Meal / Crumble, this feed helps to prevent selective feeding and creates less dust and waste than a regular meal / mash. Formulated from quality Non-GM ingredients and with added Omega 3, Natural Free Range Layers Crumble is a complete, nutritionally balanced diet, for healthy hens. Boosted with vitamins and minerals, this feed provides everything hens need for optimum health all year round.

Feed all year round, on a free access basis. On average, hens will eat 100-150g (4oz) per day. As the hen's crop can only hold about 100g it is best to give grain or mixed corn separately, later in the day, or she will be unable to eat sufficient pellets or meal.
Protein 16%, Fibre 4%, Oil 4%

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