Johnston & Jeff Parakeet & Cockatiel Mix

Stock Code: 08JJPM3 RRP: £5.89 Weight: 3kg Pack Size: 4
Stock Code: 08JJPM4 RRP: £2.09 Weight: 1kg Pack Size: 6 x 1kg
This is specially formulated for these small Parrot species and is a complete foodstuff, designed to provide all the necessary nutrients for a basic diet for optimum health, vigour and feather quality. It is rich is digestible proteins and oils.
white and red millet seed, small striped sunflower, white sunflower, canary seed, safflower, heep seed, groats, buckwheat, oats, paddy rice, and vegetable oil. Supplement with our Fruit, Nut & Veg Mix, and also with fresh fruit and veg.

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