Animonda GranCarno Adult Dog with Venison & Apples

Stock Code: 04CARNO023 RRP: £2.29 Pack Size: 6 Flavour: Venison Weight: 400g In Stock
Stock Code: 04CARNO017 RRP: £3.59 Pack Size: 6 Flavour: Venison Weight: 800g In Stock
GranCarno® Adult stands for delicious, healthy, balanced nutrition at its best for adult dogs from 1 - 6 years old. The selected fresh, meaty ingredients guarantee the incomparable taste that dogs appreciate so much. GranCarno Adult provides all the essential nutrients an adult dog needs.
Protein: 10.5%, fat content: 5%, crude fibre: 0.4%, crude ash: 2.5%, moisture: 79%.
49% pork (heart, liver, lung, meat), 29% venison broth, 15% deer, 4% apple, minerals, safflower oil.

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