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The products in these sections are normally only available through vetinary services. At Su-Bridge Pet Supplies, following strict examinations and guidelines we have achieved premises and staff licenses to enable us to sell these products to our customers.

How to Order

These items are mainly wormers/flea treatments for Equine, Dogs and Cats, such as Equimax, Drontal and Frontline. We have set procedures to follow however to enable us to supply these items.

So place your order and once received we will contact you for the details of the animal(s) you are purchasing for and then dispatch the products with your order.

Please ensure your contact details are correct on your order to save disappointment with a delay in dispatch, we will try calling by telephone, mobile or landline and then by email if we are unable to make contact. Due to strict legislation we are unable to supply Retail Outlets unless they have their own licence to resell.