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Hotmax Fuel Logs

HOTMAX fuel logs enable you to generate high levels of heat very fast, they're competitively priced and readily available, and they're an ideal fuel for your woodburner, multi-fuel stove, open fire, BBQ or chimenea. HOTMAX is clean and easy to use, it burns with a strong, bright flame, giving low emissions and low levels of fine ash. We're confident that our fuel logs are one of the most environmentally sustainable sources of heat for your home WARNING: HOTMAX really is...HOT! HOTMAX is a high energy fuel, which means that it burns at very high temperatures. So please use it carefully to begin with. HOTMAX fuel logs offer you a great way to generate warmth in your home very quickly, but if you are using them for the first time we recommend that you start by using just a few briquettes at a time until you are familiar with their high energy performance. If you add too much to your fire initially, it may generate enough heat to damage your fire, woodburner or stove, or their surroundings! Tips for Firelighting HOTMAX fuel briquettes come in a 'log' shape, and each bag contains a variety of random sizes. We recommend that you use a few of the smallest sized fuel logs to light a fire. You can easily break the larger logs into smaller sizes if you need to. Because they are dry and burn so well, you can normally create a good fire very quickly by placing a few small briquettes onto three or four twists of old newspaper. As we have said above, however, if you are using HOTMAX for the first time we recommend that you add more fuel logs cautiously, because even a small HOTMAX fire can generate a significant amount of high heat. Storage HOTMAX is a very dry fuel, but it may absorb moisture unless kept in a completely dry environment.
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