COA Halti All In One Lead

Stock Code: 12HA032 RRP: £17.99 Colour: Black Weight: L Pack Size: 1
Stock Code: 12HA012 RRP: £12.99 Colour: Black Weight: S Pack Size: 1
Stock Code: 12HA034 RRP: £17.99 Colour: Red Weight: L Pack Size: 1
Stock Code: 12HA014 RRP: £12.99 Colour: Red Weight: S Pack Size: 1
The HALTI All-In-One Lead provides great versatility and comfort for owners out and about with their dog.

Designed with a neoprene handle for comfort, this multi-function lead can also double as a tie-out tether; or be extended to use as a belt, ideal for running or hands-free control.

The base of the lead has a super-strong elastic shock absorber, protecting both dog and owner from any sudden jolts.

Size S Length 2.1m W 1.5cm Size L Length 2.1m W 2.5cm

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