Farm Food HE Cold Pressed Dog Food Classic

Stock Code: 02FFHEC2 RRP: £12.69 Pack Size: 1 Flavour: Beef Weight: 2kg 6 In Stock
Stock Code: 02FFHEC4 RRP: £21.59 Pack Size: 1 Flavour: Beef Weight: 4kg In Stock
Stock Code: 02FFHEC12 RRP: £55.29 Pack Size: 1 Flavour: Beef Weight: 12kg In Stock
Farm Food HE is a high quality pet food that is suitable for all dogs, irrespective of age and/or performance. It is completely natural and does not contain chemical substances such as antioxidants, preservatives, binders, colourings, aromas or flavourings.
An important feature of Farm Food HE is that it is pressed and not extruded. The difference between these two techniques is the temperature. During pressing, food is produced with a lower production temperature, whilst extruding applies a much higher temperature. The low temperature during pressing prevents ingredients from being damaged or lost, which may occur during high temperature production methods, such as extruding.
Crude Protein: 24.0%, Crude Fat: 14.0%, Fibre: 2.0%, Ash: 6.0%, Moisture: 8.0%
Pre-Cooked Corn, Haemoglobin Powder (Beef), Pre-Cooked Wheat, Pre-Cooked Rice, Beef Meat Meal, Beef Fat, Whey Powder, Brewer's Yeast, Vegetable Fibres, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Minerals, Lecithin, Cold Pressed Linseed Inulin, Vitamins and Trace Elements

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