Extra Select Gun Dog with Lamb & Rice

Stock Code: 02SGCR RRP: £27.89 Pack Size: 1 Flavour: Lamb Weight: 15kg
We tailor our food to your dog.

While we like to think of dogs as our fluffy little friends, our canine companions evolved as hunters, sharing 90% of their DNA with wolves. Many gun dog breeds still have the basic instincts, agility and energy as their wild counterparts so require a food tailored to their anatomy and physiology. At Su-Bridge, we are experts in a field and pride ourselves in offering a range of the finest quality dog food at the very best price.

Because your gun dog needs more than just fuel to survive, we use the very best ingredients in our Extra Select Gun dog Lamb & rice. The food is protein-heavy to ensure your dog has all it needs for optimum muscle regeneration, to make sure your dog is always at its peak.

Our blend of the finest ingredients ensures our food is palatable, nutritious, and easy for your fun dog to digest.
Crude Protein 20 %, Crude Oils and Fats 11 %, Crude Fibre 3 %, Crude Ash 8.5 %
Cereals (Rice 25%), Meat and Animal Derivatives (Lamb Meal 14%), Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals, Yeasts

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