Extra Select Gun Dog Muesli

Stock Code: 02SGM15 RRP: £19.99 Weight: 15kg Pack Size: 1
We tailor our food to your dog.

While we like to think of dogs a sour fluffy little friends, our canine companions evolved as hunters, sharing 90% of their DNA with wolves. Many gun dog breeds still have the basic instincts, agility and energy as their wild counterparts so require a food tailored to their anatomy and physiology. At Su-bridge, we are experts in our field and pride ourselves in offering a range of the finest quality dog food at the very best price.

We ask a lot from our dogs, expecting them to perform in all weathers and often in demanding conditions. Reward them with our Muesli, which is specially formulated to provide a highly palatable and nutrient-dense food. It can be fed straight from the bag or moistened with warm water or stock for a tasty treat.

Our blend of the finest ingredients ensures our food is palatable, nutritious and easy for your gun dog to digest.
Crude Protein 21%, Crude Oils and Fats 8%, Crude Fibres 3% Crude Ash 9%.
Protein Pellets Beef Based), Wheat Extract, Glucose Syrup, Cooked Flaked Maize, Extruded Whole Wheat Biscuits, Cooked Flaked Peas, Cooked Wheat Flakes, Oils, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals.

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