Extra Select Hide Knots

Stock Code: 014KN1 RRP: £2.69 Pack Size: 12x3 Weight: 4"
Stock Code: 016KN1 RRP: £2.19 Pack Size: 12x1 Weight: 6"
Stock Code: 018KN1 RRP: £2.49 Pack Size: 12x1 Weight: 8"
Stock Code: 0110KN RRP: £3.09 Pack Size: 12x1 Weight: 10.5"
A high quality flavoured rawhide treat. This chewy rawhide will satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew whilst promoting dental health. These treats will not stain carpets, so your dog can be left to chew wherever he likes! High quality, low calorie and no artificial colouring.

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