Pedigree Mixer

Stock Code: 02PCHM9 RRP: £24.59 Pack Size: 1 Weight: 10kg
Pedigree Mixer is a complimentary food which contains essential vitamins & minerals. It is designed to be fed with Pedigree cans or pouches to give your dog a healthy and balanced meal he will love.
Feeding a mixture of wet and dry food is a healthy way to feed your dog. The wet food has a higher moisture content and is less calorie dense, whilst dry food can help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Pedigree Mixer is supposed to be fed to dogs of medium or large size.
Protein 16.5%, Fat 6.5%, Inorganic matter 6.5%, Crude fibres 3.5%, Omega 6 fatty acids 1.6%, Omega 3 fatty acids 0.2%
Cereals (including 4% Whole Wheat),Meat and Animal Derivatives,Oils and Fats,Minerals,Antioxidants.

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