Animonda Foils Adult Supreme Selection Poultry & Pasta

Stock Code: 04ANI17 RRP: £0.89 Flavour: Poultry Weight: 150g Pack Size: 11
Supreme Selection Adult is a complete wet food developed for adult dogs up to 6 years old.

This balanced nutrition contains an unique selection of raw ingredients that provide the vital nutrients for your adult dog. Real meat makes this formula a delicious easy-to-digest meal with everything your dog need in his adult stage. The recipe is suitable for dogs with food allergies and dietary sensitivities, as it contains no grains, soy or colours and preservatives.

The fine-piece pies come in portioned trays for easy opening and feeding.

59% Meat and animal by-products (25% poultry, pork, beef), bakery products (4% noodles), minerals.

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