Natures Menu Chicken, Salmon & Tuna

Stock Code: 05AMNMCCST100 RRP: £0.86 Flavour: Chicken Weight: 100g Pack Size: 4 x 12
Natures Menu natural cat food pouches are designed to deliver your pets requirements from naturally balanced raw materials.

This means we don’t use the chemicals, additives or preservatives often found in over processed pet foods.

The Natures Menu 100g chicken, salmon and tuna food pouches provide cats with a premium 70% meat menu in all of your cats favourite meats.

Our whole meats are simply cut, chopped or minced and then blended into convenient easy-to-use products that help you feed as nature intended.
Protein 10%, Oil 6.5%, Fibre 0.4%, Ash 2.5%, Moisture 79%
Chicken (min 60%), Broth (28%), Salmon (min 6%), Tuna (min 4%).

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